Our Services

Rakeeth Industrial gases provides innovative, responsive and customer focused services with the highest safety standards and offer a wide range of industrial gases, specialty gases & gaseous solutions which improves the performance of our customers, while helping them reduce their environmental impact.We can arrange supply systems to get those gases to our customer safely and efficiently

Cylinder Painting

Cylinder paintings are crucial and should be painted as per international colour code so that customers or Companies can understand and identify the gases which are filled in that particular cylinder.

Cylinder Hydrotesting

Hydrostatic testing involves the cylinder being filled with water and placed inside a water-filled high-pressure chamber. Water pressure inside the cylinder is increased (150% of maximum working pressure) causing the cylinder to expand slightly.
This in turn displaces a small amount of water from within the chamber, which is collected and measured. If the cylinder expansion is within regulation limits (< 5%), then the cylinder has passed and can be certified fit for purpose.

Cylinder Quad (racks)

Gas cylinder quads are also called gas cylinder Pallets or gas cylinder Banks in some countries. Quads or Cascades are used where a high volume of gas is required to be fed at a regular flow rate and pressure without an interruption. Its formation can be fabricated and prefabricated with multiple types of gas cylinders