About Us


Today We are one of the best-known refilling,wholesale and resale gas cylinders distributors in UAE. We are mainly delivering in the Central Region like Sharjah (SHJ), Dubai (DXB) and Ajman(AJM). We distribute all type of Industrial Gases mainly Industrial grade Oxygen(O2), Dissolved Acetylene(C2H2),Argon (Ar), Carbon Dioxide (CO2),Nitrogen(N),Hydrogen (H2),Helium(He) Metal Cutting Gases (MCG) Propane(P) and Gas Mixtures like Argon(Ar)+Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Argon(Ar)+Helium (He) Argon(Ar)+Hydrogen (H2),Argon(Ar)+Nitrogen (N) etc.We are also supplying Medical gases cylinders like Medical air, Medical Oxygen, Nitroxide Medical CO2. For some Special purposes there are Gases we supply on the request of our customers like Ammonia, ethylene,Forklift Propane,Helium Balloon Grade,Refrigerant Gases.

We are also dealing with all kinds and sizes of cylinders Ranging from 1M3to 10M3for bulk users we have cylinder quads(racks).We have a long standing relationship with ISO certified manufacturers and gas production multinational companies. So that we can provide Our customer with the cheapest and low-priced and low cost Gas cylinders with higher safety standards.

One of the main advantage of business is our ideal location which we are Located in Sajaa Industrial connected to E611 Emirates Road, We are very close to all of our customers in the Areas of Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman and Umm al Quwain.In 30 Minutes we can reach parts of Dubai (Ras al khor,Rashidiya and Al Quoz) in more or less 1 hour to Dubai industrial city,Dubai Investment Park and Jebel Ali.Sharjah in (All industrial Areas, Sharjah port, Sharjah Hamriyah Fzc and including Sajaa industrial Areas etc.) Dubai, (Aweer, Rashida, Al Quiz, Ras Al Khor, Qusais and Jebel Ali ) etc and in Ajman (Ajman Industrial 1 & 2, Al jerf Industrial) with our dedicated Gas Carrier vehicles,well trained and experienced staffs.

The main feature of our services and business
revolves in the following

RIG supplies at your doorstep through a transportation of supplying bulk and small quantities
RIG maintains quality of gases and providing good services.
RIG has ex-stock of industrial gases and can supply on order at any point of time, your requirement.
RIG rates are more competitive.
RIG provides your entire requirement for Industrial gases.
RIG establishing very good relationship with all our customers.


Our Story begins in 1980 along with the Sharjah Industrial area (2) Streets.we were one of the only few establishments in that time in industrial gas suppliers in the Emirates.it all started as Oxygen Gas suppliers.Gradually we increased our business to all industrial gases, medical gases special propose gasses and gas mixtures as per the demands of our customers so that our business is grown to be one of the well-known in the market of Sharjah and to all over the Arab Emirates (UAE).

Being in the business for so many years with customer support and their trust in our products we have developed into one of the few best known gas bottling and trading companies in the United Arab Emirates.

As the years passed by we developed along with our Emirate of Sharjah and the Industrial Area. by the our needy customers request and market accessibility we moved to the Al Sajaa (also known as Al Saja'a) industrial, United Arab Emirates (UAE), located on the Sharjah/Dhaid highway and adjacent to the arterial behind Emirates Road (E611).a major industrial area as well as the planned 14 million square feet industrial zone we developed to the market standard and still innovating and modernizing our machines as that our products can be as safe and reliable as possible and our customers will no longer need to worried about their safety and security for using our Cylinders and Gas Products.


Rakeeth shall take all necessary steps to be the market leader by meeting the needs of our customers in line with the global principles of sustainable development, responsible care and emphasizing the effective implementation of the management systems towards quality enhancement, protecting environment from pollution and providing safe environment for interested parties


As an Industrial gas company, Rakeeth gas will continue building on family principles and core values to ensure operating excellence and distinctive market leadership across our region and This shall be accomplished by ensuring the health and safety of our employees and other interested parties; environmental protection and pollution prevention; quality enhancement and community goodwill as per compressed gases manufacturing standards.


By aligning our business processes with requirements set out in the following standards, we are able to assure customers of our ability to deliver unrivalled levels of service and product quality.