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We produce and supply industrial gases, medical gases and gas mixers. Explore the details below.

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About Rakeeth
Industrial Gases

One of leading suppliers of Industrial and
specialty gases in UAE

Started as a small time gas trader in Sharjah 35 years ago, now the business is grown to be one of the well-known in the market. The business is currently managed by second generation of owners. Being in the business for so many years, we have cultivated a niche of the market share of gases trading and ever growing customer base is the witness towards this. We have grown along with the growth of the emirates and our customers. We can provide them with most value added service but nurturing the loyalty.

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About Rakeeth Industrial Gases
Leading gases suppliers Sharjah
Industrial in UAE
Specialty gases in UAE


Rakeeth shall take all necessary steps to be the market leader by meeting the needs of our customers in line with the global principles of sustainable development, responsible care and emphasizing the effective implementation of the management systems towards quality enhancement, protecting environment from pollution and providing safe environment for interested parties


As an Industrial gas company, Rakeeth gas will continue building on family principles and core values to ensure operating excellence and distinctive market leadership across our region and This shall be accomplished by ensuring the health and safety of our employees and other interested parties; environmental protection and pollution prevention; quality enhancement and community goodwill as per compressed gases manufacturing standards.

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Our Clients are truly our Greatest Assets ... We have designed our service to meet our client's needs and exceed their expectations

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Safety as our main priority

All of our cylinder are 100% safe to industrial standard and we are making sure it by testing all of them hydrotested for the minimum limited time so that we make sure all our costumers uses the safest cylinder

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